Liberians In East Orange, New Jersey USA Made Homeless By Fire – From James Momoh/GNN USA Correspondent

Dozens of Liberians residing in East Orange, New Jersey the United States were made homeless over the weekend when fire gutted their apartment destroying thousands of dollars property.

According to our U.S. based Correspondent, The city host one of the largest Liberian populations in the United States, and said some of victims that sustained minor injuries and suffered smoke inhalation were evacuated to the nearest medical centers for immediate treatment while several others remained hospitalized for further observation.         

According to some survivors, the fire erupted in the early morning on Saturday while the vast majority of the complex dwellers were home. Explaining further, the resident said the fire started in one of the occupant’s apartment but quickly spread destroying about eighty five percent of  complex.

They told our reporter that the intensity of the fire left complex dwellers jumping through windows for their safety. While family members that were trapped into their apartments had their windows and doors broken to allow them flee the intensity of the fire.

It took fire fighters several hours to contain the fire that was on the verged of destroying the entire housing complex. Some members of the East Orange fire department that spoke to our correspondent disclosed that the circumstances surrounding the destruction of the residential complex were ongoing and if the fire was a man-made disaster those responsible will be apprehended and prosecuted.

When contacted, a member of the American Red Cross told our reporter that victims of the fire disaster will be provided temporary assistance including housing accommodation.  

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