LIBERIA: Nat Blama Abhors Rhetoric and False Promises -As Student Group Petition Him For Senate

A Senatorial candidate for Montserrado County has said the variables that characterized Liberia’s past elections have faced off as youths have now positioned themselves to make informed decisions. Mr. Nathaniel Blama said he was particularly pleased to be part of the occurring transformation within the country’s political structure. “Rhetoric and false promises can no longer be used to win over people during electoral seasons.” He said.

While there was tremendous progress by Liberians to empower themselves for independent judgement, Mr. Blama said some Liberian politicians were still engaged in schemes that are threatening to the norms and tenets of democratic governance.

The Montserrado County Senatorial candidate made specific mention of candidates that are running around throwing out huge cash in order to lure people to vote them in public offices. Blama believes these are machinations designed by mindless characters intended to undermine the rights of citizens to freely choose individuals who can best represent their interest.

“This is a threat to our democracy.” Nat indicated, noting that such schemes are treacherous in that they only dissuade people from reaching their full potentials.

Mr. Blama spoke in Monrovia recently when he was petitioned by the Progressive Students Alliance of Liberia. The group is a conglomeration of students from various universities across the country.

“It is a new day in Liberia where cautious-minded youths can look from within and identify someone who can ably represent their interest.” Nathaniel Blama, also a Management Consultant at the Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA) told the group of students who had gathered at a local restaurant to petition him to contest for the Senatorial seat of Montserrado County.

Further, the EPA Executive pointed out that those who pay for votes will sooner disappoint the people. “Elect people who will serve your interest and not those who will pay for your votes.”

Earlier, the Progressive Students Alliance of Liberia disclosed that Mr. Nathaniel Blama is a distinctive character who has distinguished himself over time to be trusted for any public office. According to the student organization, of the dozens of individuals who have expressed interest in the single Senatorial seat of Montserrado County, they were convinced that the EPA Executive is the most earnest and suitable candidate to occupy the post.

“We will go in every nook and corner of this county to ensure that Mr. Blama is elected come December 16.” They group assured.

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