Nigeria Kicks Against Stigmatizing Of Its Citizens

Nigerian Health Minister Khaliru Alhassan has appealed to countries to stop stigmatizing Nigerians over the previous Ebola outbreak, emphasizing that Nigeria was no longer on the list of Ebola-affected countries.

“Nigeria will not be listed as a country with the Ebola virus because it has defeated the disease within its borders, and as a result, no country should stigmatize Nigerians on account of the previous outbreak in the country,” a dispatch from Nigeria said.

Minister Alhassan said: “The Federal Government has demonstrated enough commitment towards this cause, our borders are still open and movements into our country are not restricted.’’

Earlier, the World Health Organization (WHO) Country Representative in Nigeria, Mr Rae Gama Vaz, said Nigeria had not recorded another case of Ebola infection after the 42 days maximum incubation period set globally expired.

The first case of Ebola was reported in Nigeria on July 22, 2014 in Lagos.

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