LIBERIA: ‘More Than Me’ Rescues Caldwell In Ebola Fight

As local and international organizations are mounting support in the fight of this deadly virus, Ebola which has taken thousands of lives in Liberia and the sub region, an American non-governmental organization, the More Than Me has also joined this fight.

In order to end the Ebola epidemic and stop its spread, the More Than Me an NGO which has taken the bull by the horn in educating Liberia’s future leaders over the weekend presented several items including motorbike, Infrared Digital Temperature Thermometer gun, and a dozen of mobile phones to the Caldwell Ebola Task Force.

The presentation was made by the group on behalf of its Founder, Katie Meyler who also expressed interest to purchase a land for the construction of a state of the art school complex, and a faculty boarding place in the township.

In receiving the items, the acting Commissioner of the Township, madam Hawa Johnson praised the U.S. run NGO for its numerous contributions to the growth and development of the Liberian youthful population through education, and expressed thanks and appreciation to  ‘More Than Me’ for providing several rain gears including boots and coats to the Caldwell Task Force, and other assistance.

Commissioner Johnson also thanked the Founder of the organization, Katie Meyler for her humanitarian support to the Liberian people, noting, “We appreciate you and your organization for your countless generosity over the years,” Commissioner Johnson in her acceptance remarks stressed.

‘More Than Me’ since its establishment a year ago has made some significant effort in making sure that Liberian girls are provided sound opportunity in education and other benefits that will enhance their lives.

In its drive to making sure that this deadly virus is kick out of Liberia and other effected countries, this organization has created some high level of awareness in tackling this situation includig its recent donation of ambulance to the people of Liberia is a clear manifestation in coming to the rescue of the people of Liberia.

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