“Ebola Not A Death Sentence” – Retired U.S. Military Colonel Warned

BY: James Momoh/United States –

An official of the united government has indicated that the outbreak of the Ebola virus in Liberia and other affected countries is not a death sentenced but will required the constructive engagement of all nationals in the affected countries to help eradicate the pandemic in the region. 

‘Tell your relatives in the affected countries that Ebola kills but can be prevented if they prevent themselves from the infection by using personal protective equipment (PPE)’ Since the outbreak of the virus in the west Africa over 4000 people have died from the virus according to a World Health Organization statistics  

Retired colonel Thomas Dempsey who once served as military attaché at the American embassy in Monrovia made the statement during an event organized by Liberians in the United States to generate support for Liberia the country most affected by the epidemic outbreak. He said for the virus to be eradicated from Liberia the voices of Liberians in the United States and other parts of the world must be heard by calling relatives in Liberia and telling them to be honest in the fight against the deadly virus. 

‘Treat every symptom as Ebola symptom’ he told the audience. He said the urgency for creating awareness on the devastating effect of the virus is a crucial component in the fight against the Ebola virus in Liberia.

‘The people in Liberia must be provided the knowledge on survivor skills and how to care for their love ones that might be infected with the virus adding, that the virus can only be contracted by touching the fluid of the infected person with survivor awareness, the spread of the virus can be contained ‘Goggles, Mask, Gown and Gloves’, the reaction of the audience at the event.

Also speaking at the event James Gonmiah told the audience that the event held in collaboration with the Wright Foundation Support Grace Assembly Multi- cultural Youth Center, was aimed at generating one million United States dollars in the fight against deadly epidemic in Liberia.

He said the amount which will be generated through donations will be directed towards the purchasing ambulances and personal protective equipment for those at the frontline in the fight against the Ebola virus.             


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