Liberian community in Bethlehem takes donations to help combat Ebola

BETHLEHEM, Pa. – The Liberian community in Bethlehem has been moved by the news coming out of West Africa, and has decided to take hands on approach to help combat Ebola.

"The community feels very bad that our people our dying by the day," Paul Tarr of the Liberia Community Association said.

The non-profit group is collecting any donations they can get their hands on to help victims in West Africa.

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Just Friday, Eric Kennedy of the Liberia Community Association got a call that his brother had been quarantined in Liberia.

"I was just devastated by the news," Kennedy said. "When you receive a message saying one of your family members has been quarantined it breaks you down."

But the news is only fueling Kennedy's desire to help.

So far the group has collected a little over $1,000 dollars, as well as hundreds of supplies ranging from cleaning agents to hospital beds.

"We have gathered together here to collect different kinds of material they can use to control Ebola," Tarr continued.

Their goal is to raise at least $5,000 dollars by the end of October.

All proceeds will be shipped directly to areas of West Africa that are in the direst need. "Our group is thinking about looking outside of the capital, going to areas that people don't have access to health care, they don't have access to roads," Kennedy explained.


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