LIBERIA: 75 Persons Quarantined In Gbarpolu

Seventy-four persons have been quarantined in several parts of Gbarpolu County, the County Health Officer and Co-Chairman of the Ebola Task Force, Dr. Anthony Tucker, has disclosed.

He told the Task Force weekly meeting Thursday in Bopolu that 19 of those quarantined are in Bopolu City, 13 in Gbarma, 29 in Guo-Wolala and 14
in Belle District.

He said all those under quarantine are being fed and provided safe drinking water to ensure that they don’t leave their quarantine centers and move into communities.

Dr. Tucker said due to lack of quarantine or holding units in Bopolu, the County Task Force is using the Surgical Ward at the Chief Jallah Lone Medical Center in Bopolu to quarantine people suspected of contracting the deadly Ebola virus.

Meanwhile, task forces have been formed in four of the five health districts of Gbarpolu County.

He named Bopolu, Belle, Gou-wolala and Gbarma as districts which have Ebola task forces, leaving Kongba district where a task force is yet to be formed.

According to Dr. Tucker the district task forces are mandated to keep surveillance, bury dead bodies and create awareness in their communities.

The District Task Forces will help reduce the heavy workload of the County Task Force which is engaged in other Ebola-related matters.

Meanwhile, the County Health Officer is admonishing donors to first contact the leadership of the Task Force to obtain information about areas in which they could intervene.

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