LIBERIA: Maro-Iodised Salt Is Good For Human Consumption, Commerce Ministry Dispels Negative Media Report

In the face of negative media reports that the Maro Iodised Salt was not fit for human consumption, and that it contained dangerous particles, and not fit to be consumed, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has dispelled that the salt in question and imported by the Fayad Enterprise Corporation is fit to be eaten.

Making the clarification in Monrovia, the Ministry’s Deputy Minister for Industry & Inspector General in a citation said, “The samples (Maro  Iodised Salt) submitted to the National Standards Laboratory for analysis to determine its quality and quantity status as related to its fitness for human consumption against food safety standards.

“The full microbiological and chemical parameters were investigated and reference sample met all food safety standards,” the citation Click this link for the full reading of the citation.

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