More Liberians Will Walk Out of ETUs Alive” – Ugandan Doctor Assures

“More Liberians will walk out of treatment centers alive because doctors are dedicating more efforts and are now gaining momentum to fearlessly battle the deadly Ebola disease,” Atai Omoruto, a Ugandan doctor, has said.

Dr. Omoruto, who is Consultant for WHO Ebola Case Management at the Island Clinic in Monrovia, made the statement Tuesday when she addressed the Ministry of Information daily Ebola news briefing held in the conference hall of the ministry.

She said saving the lives of every Ebola patient who comes into treatment units remains her top priority.

Dr. Omoruto said the Island Clinic facility is a major boost to Liberia’s Ebola fight, but noted that additional treatment facilities need to be constructed so that patients can be accommodated.

According to her, early treatment is important to surviving the Ebola disease, but called on government to do more in passing on the information to people in communities so that they will come for treatment immediately upon suspecting the virus.

She observed that protracted period with the virus outside of treatment facilities is responsible for most of the deaths recorded because, according to Omoruto, many people wait until they are acutely ill before they are taken to treatment centers.

“If you walk into treatment centers, you will walk out healthy and safe, but when you come in lying on stretchers, there is very limited possibility to survive the virus,” she said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Omoruto has disclosed that Liberia is facing “a very dangerous strain” of the Ebola disease due to its fastness in replication.

She noted that supportive treatment has proven effective against the virus and as such doctors are responding swiftly to provide intensive supportive care to patients which enable their recovery.

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