LIBERIA: Oil Palm Company Stepped Up Ebola Fight, Donates Several Materials to two Counties

Equatorial Palm Oil (EPO) has over the last few weeks stepped up the fight against Ebola through the donation of several materials valued at $US 15.000 Dollars.

The items which were donated by EPO to Grand Bassa, Sinoe and Rivercess counties include buckets, chlorine, Clorox, isolation gowns and PPE reflecting EPO’s own way of identifying and empathizing with the Government and people of Liberia during this difficult period.  

Similarly, the company has embarked on series of additional measures to help fight the deadly virus which has killed hundreds of Liberians and citizens of the sub region.

Management of EPO were seen by this paper enforcing a number of safety measures including, the washing of hands, checking of body temperature at the main entry points in and out of the concession-something that management believed will help curb the spread of the virus which has almost paralyzed normal activities in the country.

Accordingly, health officers from EPO have been carrying out Ebola related awareness programs for all of its employees and surroundings communities as part of their effort in preventing the virus from spreading.

According to EPO’s Country Head, Mr. Sashi Nambiar, the company takes its commitment seriously and remains steadfast to the measures taken to counter the outbreak. The distribution of the said items (PPE) is to help keep our counties safe.

In a related development, several residents who spoke to this paper during the donation program, expressed thanks and gratitude to the company for the level of commitment exemplified, thereby describing EPO as “a true partner in progress”.

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has over the last few days indicated that the situation over the massive outbreak in the country “remains grave.”

Liberia is one of three (3) nations, including Guinea and Sierra Leone, at the center of the disease. According to the latest World Health Organization (WHO) report, more than 1500 people have died from the highly infectious virus since March this year

Presenting the items on behalf of EPO, Attorney Arthur Williams, Human Resource Manager, said the company was deeply gratified in identifying with the county task force which continue to make tremendous progress up until now.

He reiterated EPO’s unflinching support, adding, “We wish to make this contribution to the county task force in helping to preventing the disease.” The items range from bucket, Clorox, isolation gowns, thermo flash, surgical gloves, mouth cover, and shield for the spraying teams.

However, in her special remarks, Hon. Etweda A. Cooper, Superintendent of Grand Bassa County, praise and expressed satisfaction over the donation made by EPO, indicating, “Every little drop helps to fill the bucket no matter how little it is.”

This contribution, Hon. Cooper noted, “will go a long way not just to sensitize people about Ebola but will also help in the prevention of this deadly disease which is the goal of the county health team.”

Hon. Cooper voiced; “we do not want Ebola to kill our citizens but rather we want to prevent it from spreading from one person to another will also go a long way in managing the situation.”

Visibly elated, the superintendent assured EPO that items made available to the county in the form of donations will be manage because such materials were needed by citizens of the county.

The PPE, she narrated, is something so delicate and important to health workers in the county because every time there is a burial the PPE are often used, nothing, “these items cost a lot of money.”

The donation program which convened at the county’s administrative building was graced by an array of key officials in the county, including Hon. Gabriel Buchanan Smith who appeared to be in a joyous mood.

However, in Rivercess County where serrate and similar donations were made, an array of county officials including Hon. Sampson A. Cephas, Development Superintendent of the county and Dr. Wilmot L. Smith Health Officer of Rivercess were extremely delighted to take delivery of the Ebola materials.

Presenting the items on behalf of Equatorial Palm Oil (EPO) the company’s Human Resource Manager, Attorney Arthur Williams again indicated that it was the company own way of indentifying with the people of Rivercess County in kicking out the virus from the county.

While expressing optimism that the virus will be kicked out once the measure being put in place are straightly adhere to, Attorney Williams maintained EPO will continue to constructively engage the people of the county, stressing, “Once again we say thanks for the opportunity in reaching this far.”

Swiftly responding, Hon. Sampson A. Cephus, (now acting Superintendent) was quick to admit that the EPO contribution was the biggest received by the county health team so far, adding, “We have always being expecting EPO and want to thank you people who are our true and old friend.” He recounted the numerous contribution made by the company in the past and spoke of a US$ 5000 donation which was also made available when the county needed funds to support the county development agenda.

Making the disclosure Hon. Cephas said, “This is not a surprise to us because EPO have always identified with us in time of trouble and here we are again with another big donation.”

“Everything takes time to work out and if I had my own will EPO would have been operating here by now, most especially where they already have a place here.”

Also, Dr. Wesley Abraham, Head of Field Office, Rivercess County, said UNMIL was also trying to come up with a proposal to support youth involvement in the fight against the deadly virus and encourage youth of the county to forward to proposal to UNMIL for onward approval.

 Steve Doito contributed this story

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