Convicted Murderer on Parole Stabs Woman to Death and Eats Part of Her Brain

By Elysia McMahan

Indiana police found a gruesome scene when they arrived at Tammy Jo Blanton’s residence in Jeffersonville, Indiana, on Thursday morning. It was like a scene out of a grisly horror film.

According to reports, parolee Joseph Oberhansley stabbed Blanton to death and even admitted to eating part of her heart and lungs after killing her and tossing her body in the bathtub.

“He further admitted to cooking a section of her brain and eating it,” as stated in the arrest reported obtained by WAVE.

Around 3 am Thursday morning, the victim dialed police to let them know Oberhansley was on her property and trying to access her home. Unfortunately, when police arrived, they simply told him to head on home. Big mistake.

A few hours later, when they were called back to the location, it was too late. He had already entered the house and committed these atrocious acts.

It is not known if the victim knew her killer.

In 1998, the homicide suspect was convicted of killing his 17-year-old girlfriend and shooting her mother in Salt Lake City. He was recently set free on parole after serving a 13-year prison sentence.

Do you think Blanton was failed by the system that should have protected her? We can’t imagine what her family and loved ones must be going through at this time. READ MORE OF THIS STORY

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