LIBERIA: Golden Veroleum Goes Door-to-Door to Halt Ebola Spread

SINOE COUNTY, Liberia – Golden Veroleum’s communication department initiated a door-to-door awareness campaign in Butaw today to combat the spread of the dreaded disease. The campaign is intended to compliment other efforts currently being implemented by the company.

“Near or around our farm locations are many villages and small towns,” said Communications Officer, Leroy Kanmoh, “it is very important that we continue to make aware our local publics that we will continue to do everything in our power to ensure the safety of our personnel and local partner communities.”

With no current cases in Sinoe and Grand Kru, GVL hopes to not only contain the spread, but to significantly reduce the possibility that it would come to operational sites. As part of the elimination effort the company has donated dozens of buckets, nearly a ton of soap and chlorine to surrounding communities.

During a recent visit to Sinoe, GVL Head of Corporate Communications, Virgil Magee, said that he was pleased to see the local communities take the threat seriously. “Over the past few days I have gone to Tarjuowon, Kpanyan, Butaw, Greenville and communities in between and at most shops I see hand washing stations, awareness posters and I hear people talking about the virus,” Magee said. “This means this is something certainly on the minds of the people and that there is an awareness that this is not simply a Monrovia problem.”

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