LIBERIA: Man, 39, Charged For Cruelty Against Animal

The Bopolu Magisterial Court in Gbarpolu County has charged 39-year-old Mulbah Wright with “cruelty against an animal and property theft”.

According to the writ of arrest from the police, defendant Wright on August 4 “criminally, cruelly and wickedly killed” the dog of complainant Yankonah Zor at his residence in Bopolu.

In his testimony before the Stipendiary Magistrate, Mulbah Harris, defendant Mulbah pleaded guilty to the crime and begged for mercy.

He told the court that everything that the complainant said in his testimony was true and that he killed the dog, ate and sold some of the meat for money.

The value of the dog is put at US$60.00.

Meanwhile, defendant Wright has been detained at the Bopolu Central Prison due to his failure to file a criminal appearance bond to secure his release until conclusion of the case.

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