Steps to ship TO LIBERIA

Step A

1) Arrange shipment of cargo through a reputable shipping company or freight forwarder

2) Obtain and transmit the original Bill of Lading and invoice to the consignee before the cargo arrives

3) Contact BIVAC at the port of origin to arrange for pre-inspection. The consignee will be given a CRF (Clean Report of Finding) certificate

Step B

1) Visit the One-Stop-Shop in the Freeport of Monrovia or the Port Manager’s office in Buchanan, Greenville or Harper. Take a copy of the pre- inspection report (or CRF), the Bill of Lading and the invoices to the Ministry of Commerce counter for

IPD (Import Permit Declaration) processing and to BIVAC for inspection approval

2) Proceed to the Bank Section for Payment Slip and make a payment at the Central Bank for government duties, and the private bank for terminal and port charges

3) Proceed to the In-Gate office for logging of documents, to the Collector’s Office for approval and sealing, and the Wharfing Section for manifest closure

4) Proceed to the cargo yard, where your container or non-containerized cargo can be inspected by the clearing agent/broker and loaded for inland transport to final designation

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