As Liberians Fear Ebola Threat, Detractors Launch Another Deadly Attacks, Pumps Dangerous Substances Into Drinking Wells In Monrovia Suburbs

Residents of Monrovia suburbs have again been gripped by fears as report says several criminals who are said to have launched a new killer disease campaign by putting into drinking wells dangerous substances including acid under pretext of chlorinating these wells have been arrested by security forces in Monrovia.

According to a resident of the Township of New Georgia who was on the scene during the arrest of these criminals, said six of the suspected criminals were taken away by police after alarm was raised about their devilish act.

As a result of their wicked act, the eye witness said three women and a child died after drinking water that was fetched from one of the wells that the criminals poisoned earlier Monday morning.

Yesterday, Sunday four of the suspected water poisoners were also arrested by officers of the Liberian National Police and are currently in police custody awaiting investigation.

Last week over twenty persons died as a result of food poison during a repast in Margibi County around the Firestone Rubber Plantation area, up-to-date no arrest has been made so far.

Liberians are now in fear from the attack on their lives by the deadly Ebola Virus, and now the poisoning of drinking water by devilish individuals in amongst them. No group has taken responsibility of this latest wickedness.

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