For Maltreatment and Abuses of Two Liberians In Europe,Community In Europe Writes President Sirleaf For Intervention

Mr. Abraham B. K. Konneh
Concern Liberia/ Official Member
Liberian Community In France, Gironde, Bordeaux
Email: Tel: 00335 50 57 82 21



July 29, 2014
Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
President of the Republic of Liberia
Executive Mansion
Monrovia, Liberia
Dear President of Liberia,
Subject: Madam President: Please Help Address the Precarious Situation of Two Tormented and Sorrowful Liberians In Europe

All praises go to the Almighty Father, the Creator of the Universe Who has blessed our country Liberia with your leadership in moving our beloved nation forward in meeting the aspiration and hopes of the great and peaceful people of  Liberia. In April 2014 we the leadership of the Liberian Community her in France were denied meeting you during your official visit, therefore we have decided to send you this open letter.  The signed copy was sent to your office to Monrovia by DHL on Wednesday, 23 July 2014; and hopeful that it has since reached your Office.
Our President, as a well respected and official of the Liberian Community here in France and a peaceful citizen of of Liberia in foreign land, on behalf of the entire Liberian Community in France, I write to register the precarious and pathetic plight of two former Domestic Staffs at our Embassy here in Paris, France. The two Liberians are Mr. David Williams, former Chief Cook to Ambassador McKinley Thomas and Mr. Joseph Richards, former House-Keeper to Ambassador Thomas. Both of them worked at the Liberian Embassy here for over Seven Years, dedicating their services to serve Ambassador McKinley Thomas and the entire Liberian Embassy in several other capacities- day and night without complaining.  These two suffering old-men also served other senior officials of government and Liberians from Monrovia to France and other guests of Ambassador Thomas.
These two fathers, Mr. Williams and Mr. Richards were brought from Monrovia to France in 2006 by Ambassador Thomas to serve him as domestic staffs in the capacities as chief cook and House-keeper and other areas at the Liberian Embassy, something which they have been doing with all their hearts and willingness over these seven years without having an opportunity for a leave to return to Monrovia to see their wives, children and family members.
During my visit to our embassy last week, a Liberian at the Embassy confided in me that the two old men over the years graciously pleaded and wholeheartedly appealed to Ambassador Thomas to allow them have at least two weeks off to visit their family members back home in Monrovia but the Ambassador usually refused; as a result of Ambassador Thomas’ constant refusal for them to have a leave from the job, the two Liberians’ relationships with their wives which they have built for several years have been painfully broken. This leaves them with tears and broken hearts. They are, as I write, very frustrated; and they need your urgent intervention as well as your help Madam President.
Our President, we want to also inform you that Mr. David Williams, former Chief Cook and Mr. Joseph Richards, former House Keeper of Ambassador Thomas hearts have been broken. As a senior Member of the Liberian Community in France Bordeaux Branch, I am writing you this letter with the consent of our dynamic and well respected President, Mr. George Carr Nyemah. It is our prayers that you will do something about the plights of these two peaceful and law abiding Liberians. They are thoroughly suffering in Paris due to the letter the Ambassador’s close buddy and Consul at the Liberian Embassy in France, Madam Raddie Teresa Johnson Perry wrote against them to the French Foreign Ministry, declaring them as illegal residents.
Our President, how can officials of our embassy who should protect their citizens be the ones to destroy them? Why? As I am writing this letter, these two fathers are surviving on assistance and goodwill from some of our members in Paris due to the heartless treatments from Ambassador Thomas and his female cohort Raddie Perry. Ambassador Thomas and cohort have completely destroyed Mr. David Williams and Mr. Joseph Richards to the Government of France through the French Foreign Ministry. The Ambassador and co-schemer have indirectly killed these two old-men alive.
Our President, according to a photo copy of an official letter in our possession, on March 24, 2014 Madam Raddie Teresa Perry wrote an official letter to the French Foreign Ministry on the Liberian Embassy letter head and signed it as Charge d’ Affaires. In the letter written in French, Madam Perry informed the French government that Mr. David Williams, Chief Cook and Mr. Joseph Richards, House Keeper of Ambassador Thomas whereabouts are unknown and were ILLEGALLY RESIDING in Paris therefore the police should have them arrested and deported to Liberia. But on three different times the two Liberians made telephone calls at the embassy to in order to set an appointment to meet with the new ambassador, Dr. Allen.
Last Tuesday people at the embassy confided in us that upon receiving the calls, Madam Perry told Williams and Richards on the phone that they are not allowed to visit the embassy or meet the new ambassador. She told them that if they make any attempt to go close to the Liberian Embassy they will be arrested by the French police on grounds that they have been declared illegal residents. Our President, we believed that this ignorant and dangerous lady made have said all stuffs of negative things about these two suffering Liberians to the new ambassador so he will not take them back to the embassy.
Our President, Ambassador Thomas and his buddy Perry have destroyed Mr. David Williams, and Mr. Joseph Richards. The two are presently living but dead, distressful and worrying. With such a terrible letter wrote against them by two of our diplomats, Mr. Williams and Richards will never get employment in France. These are peace loving and law-abiding fathers who scarified greatly and worked hard to serve Ambassador Thomas. They have served the ambassador and his friend Madam Perry for over seven unbroken seven years. Although they were appointed as domestic staffs to Ambassador Thomas’ official residence, they provided lots of other services to the Liberian Embassy and the residence of Madam Raddie Teresa Johnson Perry.
On many occasions Madam Perry has requested they (Mr. Williams and Mr. Richards) to clean her Apartment including washing her clothing, under-wears and cook for her without them making any request for extra pay.  Because of their services, one time Madam Perry said that she was to take Mr. Williams and Mr. Richards to the United States of America where she said they were to work for her upon establishing her business.
Regardless of all these services towards Ambassador Thomas and Madam Perry, the ambassador and his friend Raddie Perry have rewarded these two old men with evil. How can a Liberian treat a peaceful Liberians in foreign land in such an inhumane manner? This is very bad, something needs to be done. We should not allow anything bad to happen to Mr. Williams and Mr. Richards before the Foreign Ministry take an action. We the leadership of the Liberian Community in France cannot do more than this letter to make publish the plight of these two former embassy staffs; it is the responsibility of our Foreign Ministry back home in Monrovia to them.
Our President, everyone of us in France are living witnesses how Mr. Williams and Mr. Richards have served Ambassador Thomas with all their hearts and respect, everything that he asked them to do for him over the seven years were fully carried out and done.  At no time that these two Liberians ever refuse to carry out the ambassador orders or disrespected him. As their subjects, these two Liberian gave the ambassador full respect but yet he destroyed them to the French government through his wicked letter.
The next situation of a serious concern is the case of Mr. David Williams who went blind from cooking for Ambassador Thomas for seven years. Mr. Williams in 2011 went blind for four months and needed just 1,500 Euros to undergo eyes operation based on doctor’s recommendation but Ambassador Thomas shows no concern and deliberately failed to assist his cook to undergo eyes’ operation to regain his sights. It was Richard Parjloh and his wife who used their personal cash for the Ambassador’s cook to undergo operation and regained his sight. Mr. Williams can be contacted on 0033622723060.
Third case on hand is the precarious situation of Mr. Richards who Ambassador Thomas beat-up and broke his front two teethes. The Ambassador’s brutality against this poor Liberian shocked all Liberians and the whole Liberian Community in France. The ambassador feels he is untouchable, nothing came out of the official complaint we the Liberian community filed against him back home in Monrovia in April 2009.  Ambassador Thomas beat Mr. Richards after he has accused the victim of stealing his One Thousand United States Dollars which the ambassador later found in his coat suit pocket the same day the incident occurred.
This incident that we are taking about took place in April 2009. We want to inform our President that it was Mr. Richard Parjloh, an opinion leader of our organization who used his hard earned personal cash to pay for the medical bill for Mr. Richards. Today, Joseph Richards is using artificial teethes. Joseph Richard can be contacted on 0033-634-298-494, while Claude Parjloh can be contacted on 0033-7601-97436 if anyone doubts the beaten of his poor Liberian who is in his late 60s.
Our President, while  Ambassador Thomas was leaving France to Liberia after he was removed as ambassador he told our two old men (Williams and Richards) to return with him to Liberia from where he was to take them to China to work for him but they appealed to him that they were not refusing but not in the position to return to Monrovia or travel with him to China because for every two months Mr. Williams has to go to the hospital for his  Eye treatment while his colleague Joseph Richards for every month has to visit the dentist hospital here in Paris to clean his artificial teethes.
 They appealed to the ambassador to please give they them a year to complete their medical treatment since they wouldn’t get such free treatment in our country Liberia. They told us that Ambassador Thomas refused to accept their requests instead he told his friend Madam Raddie Teresa Perry to destroy them by writing to the French Foreign Ministry to declare them illegal residents and ordered their arrest. Madam Perry also took away the two old-men residence cards issued to them by the French foreign Ministry; she turned the cards over to the French government. With such wickedness by a Liberian diplomat against her owner Liberians who can born her, Mr. Williams and Mr. Richards cannot do any legal jobs in France because their residence cards have been taken away by this wicked lady called Raddie Teresa Johnson Perry.
Also our leadership gets information that over a year now, that Mr. Williams and Mr. Richards have not taken their pay for months; Madam Perry, we have been told has refused to pay them even though we have been informed by Liberians at the embassy that Mr. Williams and Richards names are on the embassy payroll. Our President, the two Liberians are seriously suffering, please help them, we are appealing to you, they have family and children to carter to back home in Liberia, they are the only bread winners for their family in Liberia.
Our President, they told us that they still want to continue their jobs at the embassy in France, please tell the new ambassador to allow them  to resume their job so they can get their legitimate pay to able them carter to their family members, children and wives in Liberia and meet their personal needs in France. This will help reduce their current situation of vulnerability and severe sufferings.
Our President, these two Liberians conditions are pathetic and worrisome; considering their ages and their current status here in France. Both of them are in their early 60s. We are afraid that if nothing is done they might end up like the former First Secretary at the Liberian Embassy in France, Mr. Albert Amet who felt off in the street here in Paris and later died in a grief-stricken manner after he was abandoned by Ambassador McKinley Thomas. It was members of our Liberian Community here in Paris that took the late Amet to hospital. The Liberian diplomat remain was ordered burn by Ambassador Thomas.
This crudity shocked we the entire Liberian community here in France and still wondering why the former ambassador has to grossly treat Mr. Amet in such a manner considering his over thirty years of dedicated public service that he rendered our nation. The crudeness has led to most hatred for Ambassador Thomas with members of the Liberian Community here in France whose considered his decision to burn the diplomat body as evilness and devilish. Ambassador Thomas is so devilish and sinful that he even has no respect for the dead ones. We challenged Ambassador Thomas to deny that he did not burn Mr. Amet remains; we were present when the remains of the former Liberia diplomat body was burnt to ashes. Our president Mr. George Carr Nyemah has expressed his willingness to speak out on the burning of Mr. Amet body if he is contacted by our big people in the government back home in Monrovia.
Our President, before the dead of Mr. Amet, Madam Perry used her immediacy relationship with her friend Ambassador Thomas to influence him to throw Mr. Amet out of the Liberian Embassy here in France. The two intimate relationships is no secret among us (Liberians Community) here in France. Madam Perry did not only influenced  maltreatment against the late Albert Amet but extended similar actions to several other Liberians,  and local staffs who were dismissed from the embassy here.  
Madam Perry also succeeded in masterminding the removal of several Liberian diplomats and domestic staffs from the embassy here in France through her close relationship with her buddy-the former ambassador to France, McKinley Thomas. Those Madam Perrry undermined from the embassy include Gifty Hook, Master Counsellor; Catherine Doe, Master Counsellor; Albert Amet; Consul (Now dead); Moses Glay, Political Counsellor; George Carr Nyemah, French Language  Translator/Chief Drive; Richard Parjloh, Protocol Officer/ Doorman; David Williams, Chief Cook to ambassador and Joseph Richards, House Keeper of Ambassador Residence.  Madam Perry also undermined the dismissals of Nine Secretaries to the ambassador, and has started her secret campaign against Mr. Isaac Yeah to also see him out of the embassy.Our President, we are appealing that you please protect our brother from the dangerous and wicked hands of Madam Perry.
This is a lady who is an Elementary School dropout but managed to beat the system to be promoted to several positions in the Embassy; all her recommendations for her clandestine promotions we have been told were made by Ambassador Thomas to protect their years of intimate comradeship. Madam Perry who also undermined the illegal dismissal of our well respected president Mr. George Carr Nyemah from the embassy in 2006, in June this year has appointed her girl-friend as secretary to the new ambassador. Although Ambassador Thomas has since been removed from the position in France, whenever he visits Paris, we usually have seen him being drove around in Paris in the new ambassador official vehicle marked plate 68 CMD 56. Presently, the former ambassador, McKinley Thomas is here in France residing in the basement of one Frenchman called Michael.
Our President, this Madam Perry lady lacked good manner of approach whenever is taking to her colleagues and local staffs at the office; it is shocking when you visit the embassy and see how she talk to the local staffs before visiting guests. She is too authority and insensitive to the plights of our members of the Liberian Community in France just as her friend-former ambassador Thomas who fake degree was exposed by our leadership. Since we challenged his falsified credential, he is yet to prove us wrong.
This Perry lady is dangerous-she is the one who masterminded the illegal dismissal from the embassy of our caring, gently, humanely and well educated president of the Liberian Community here in France, Mr. George Carr Nyemah. She was so envious and jealous about Mr. Nyemah good works and praises from members of the Liberian community in France that she decided to use her intimate contact with former ambassador Thomas to dismiss George Nyemah from the embassy on false allegations.
She is denying our members of the Liberian Community in France of meeting the new ambassador for fears that her corrupt and shady deeds will be exposed. But we will do everything possible so that our president George Nyemah can meet the new ambassador to inform him of the plights of Mr. David Williams and Joseph Richards and all other Liberians in France. Madam President, we are praying that one day you will come for a visit here in France so we can meet you in person to state our displeasure of the unfavorable treatments that we have encountered from the former ambassador and his close buddy Madam Perry and the current condition of Mr. William and Mr. Richards.
According to information from the embassy, Just over these few months, Madam Perry has turned power drink and single handily takes over the responsibilities of the diplomats and local staffs at the embassy. She has been telling people that she has been appointed as Officer In Charge of our embassy by the Foreign Minister, Mr. Augustus Gafuan.  She is planning to appoint her girl friend called Monica in the embassy. This girl is every day with her at the embassy acting as it she (Monica) works at the embassy.  Whenever we (a Liberian) go to the Liberian Embassy for visa or any other documents she regularly demands 150 Euros payment for a month visa and 300 Euros for two months, while our colleagues have paid to Madam Perry 300 Euros to 500 Euros to authenticate documents such as a Liberian Citizenship, Married Certificate, legal certificate, birth certificate etc. These monies are paid directly to her instead of direct payment into the bank’s account of the embassy here in France.
Our President, we want to know is Liberian government charging her citizens in foreign land like France to pay 150 Euros to renew passport and why should we paid money to Madam Perry instead of the back account of the government? We have been told that to renewal passport in Monrovia is just US$5.00 while in France Madam Perry is charging us US$230.00 (150 Euros); this is exploitation, criminal and corruption. She is arrogant and has no feeling for her countrymen and women in foreign land. She has been the brain behind all those that were dismissed from the embassy by the former ambassador.
Our President, forever time we go to programs and parties, we usually seemed our Liberian National Old Passports in the hands of non Liberians including Nigerians, Ghanaian, Cameroonians, Malians, Ivoirians, and white people. The most disappointing situation about this is that these passports ordinary, official and diplomatic passports are always renewed by our embassy in France without seizing these illegal passports. Some of these holders of our national Passports in this country are criminals, black money people, prostitutes, illegal residents and fake diplomats. Please Madam President, something urgently needs to be done about this ugly happenings; this is gradually destroying our country image here in France.
On behalf of our leadership and the entire membership of the Liberian Community here in France including our big brother and president, George Carr Nyemah, I am hopeful that you will consider the above concerns to save and solve our problems and that of Mr. Willams and Mr. Richards. I am therefore praying the Almighty to continue to guide and protect you as you address these concerns.
Mr. Abraham B. K. Konneh
Concern Liberia/ Official Member
Liberian Community In France, Gironde, Bordeaux
Email: Tel: 00335 50 57 82 21

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