As Ebola Virus Intensify Attack, Liberia Closes Border With Neighboring Countries

The Liberian Government has closed its borders with neighboring Countries due to the intensity of the deadly Ebola virus which has taken hundreds of lives including medical practitioners in Liberia including medical practitioners.

According to report, the virus originated from neighboring Countries Guinea and Sierra Leone.

Making this sad disclosure live, Liberian leader President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf also ordered joint security to deploy at the country’s only international airport, the Roberts International Airport in order to carry out testing of those leaving and coming in the Country.

The Liberian leader in her nationwide address further called on all Liberians and foreign residents to avoid public gathering, as she ordered the appropriate security agencies to arrest any group or groups that defy this instruction.

Since the outbreak of this deadly virus from neighboring Guinea, fear has been created amongst Liberians and foreign residents as prevention messages of the virus is on a daily basis being heard from all sector of the country by health authority and its local and international partners.

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