A U.S. Based African Center For Strategic Studies Lauds GNN-Liberia

Mr. James Momoh

A Liberian journalist who also affiliates with the African center for strategic studies at the national defense university in Washington DC, the United States, has commended the effort of the publisher of GNNLiberia for their commitment and professionalism in providing unfolding news events to Liberians in the diaspora.

The commendation was made by Mr. James Momoh during a telephone interview from the United States. Momoh said GNNLiberia reporting of news events in the country has become a resource center for many Liberians in the diaspora that are seeking to get updates on current events in the country.

He said as a country that is emerging from years of devastating civil war, GNNLiberia should serve as an impetus for Liberians to actively get engaged in the process of development and sustainable peace. The adjunct faculty at the Washington based university further said that Liberians must be more proactive and engaged in the leadership of the country by holding individuals to account for their actions as it relates to transparency and accountability in government. He said Liberia transition from theatre of war to relative peace must serve as an opportunity for all Liberians to participate in the process of reconstruction and development and not a channel for a particular group of people to enrich them, leaving the vast majority of the people to live in poverty. adding, ‘poverty has become the way of life in Liberia’. Momoh, who recently returned to the United States after six weeks of assessment visit to Liberia, said that more is needed to be done in Liberia especially when it comes to the needs of the people.

He said the inability of the current government to provide the basic needs of the people is considered a potential threat to stability in Liberia. Commenting on his affiliation at the African Center for Strategic studies Momoh explained, that his role at the center as adjunct faculty is to help integrate the African media in security sector reform in the African region. He said since joining the center he has participated in several conferences one of which was held in Liberia on the role of the media in security sector reform. The role of the African center for strategic studies is to work with African government in providing a security sector that will respect human rights and the rule of law and also to ensure transparency and accountability in government with specific interest in countries that are emerging from the environment of conflict in Africa.          

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