MIT Students Launch New Technology – The tinyTesla Educational Electronic Kits For Global Students

Early this week, oneTesla, a company based in the United States, and founded by MIT students that manufactures DIY musical Tesla coil kits, announced the launch of their newest product, tinyTesla educational electronic kit.

According to a dispatch from the Co-founder of this newest technology, Miss Heidi Baumgartner said this kit  allows builders to make their own desktop singing Tesla coil that generates high voltage and plays music using electricity.

According to Miss Baumgartner, Tesla kit was developed to be accessible to newcomers in the modern electronics sector, whether they are students or hobbyists who want to learn more about engineering.

She said funding goal and pledges has doubled drastically following its launch as the product on  Kickstarter, further stressing in the dispatch, Miss Baumgartner said,  “Our passion is making engineering education fun,  we hope that tinyTesla will encourage more people to try their hand at building electronics. To inspire the next generation of engineers you need to give students of all ages rewarding projects that challenge them, and that’s what we tried to achieve with tinyTesla.”

She said the Company has also simultaneously launched the oneTeslaTS kit, which shoots lightning nearly two feet long and is aimed towards hobbyists who already have some experience building and troubleshooting electronic circuits.

tinyTesla and oneTeslaTS are currently available for pre-order on the company’s Kickstarter page at Upon completion of the Kickstarter campaign, oneTesla will sell these educational kits at and will also investigate potential partnerships with schools and online retailers.

OneTesla is a DIY electronics kit company based in Medford, MA. Founded in late 2012, oneTesla developed its first kit with the help of a Kickstarter campaign and has distributed over one thousand Tesla coil kits to date.


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