LIBERIA: Muslim Scholar Says Unity Vital To Keeping Peace

Morry Abubacar Sumarworo

A Muslim scholar, Morry Abubacar Sumarworo, has said Liberia can only attain sustainable development if Liberians create an avenue to collaborate and cooperate to make the country their first priority.

According to Alhaji Sumarworo, collaboration and cooperation are the products of reconciliation and peace, adding, “In the absence of these, development and progress will be crippled and steps to economic viability and political stability will
be negatively affected.”

He made the assertion on Friday, July 18, when he served as guest preacher at the Thanksgiving and Intercessory Service marking the beginning of the July 26 Independence Anniversary celebration organized by the Liberia Muslim Council at the Liberian Muslim Heritage Central Mosque on Gurley Street in Monrovia.

Sumarworo said the attainment of the national development, political, economic, social and educational agendas also rely heavily on the two major pillars of collaboration and cooperation.

He explained that under the cooperation pillar, which is the duty of the governor and the governed, it is a nationalistic responsibility of all citizens to cooperate in order to achieve programs such as the Agenda For Transformation (AFT) and Vision 2030 for the betterment of Liberia.

He called on the Christian and Muslim communities to join hands and make concerted efforts in helping the Government achieve its goals such as unity, peace, education, and infrastructure development.

Sumarworo thanked President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for her good leadership role in the reconstruction and transformation of Liberia after years of destruction and violence.

He said an evidence of the good leadership is Muslims in Liberia having radio stations after 164 years of Independence.

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