NPA’s Comptroller Hails Women Gropus for Restoring Peace to Liberia

National Port Authority   Comptroller, Mrs Christina K. Pealey


Liberians have been asked to preserve the Peace they are currently enjoying following a period of unwarranted   devastation and the lost of valuable lives as a result of the senseless civil unrest that engulfed the entire country some fourteen years ago.

The call to uphold the peace in Liberia in the wake of the  ongoing withdrawl  of UN peace keepers from the country,    was made on Friday, July 11, 2014, when NPA Managing Director, Madam Matilda W. Parker spoke through a proxy at a ceremony that witnessed the celebration of the 2014 Golden Image Award which was held in Honor of Her Excellency Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President of the Republic of Liberia.

Serving as key note speaker  on behalf of Madam Parker, National Port Authority   Comptroller, Mrs Christina K. Pealey, warned that the ten years of peace being  enjoy  in the country will be lost,  if the Citizens don’t make good choices and take responsibility for their actions towards crucial national  issues.

Madame Pealey wants all Liberians to exhibit high level of respect and tolerance for one another and also stressed the need for the citizens especially the women   to pursue education, investment and vocational training as the country will be of no value to the future generation if they choose material thing and night club over education.

She said the Country’s young generation of women will have to learn how to make sacrifices and the right choices for the growth of themselves. Something she said will to translate Liberia and the preservation of the peace.

‘’ You all will bear me witness that during the civil conflict, while the unarmed men were hiding in the ceiling, under the beds or in the depth of the forest, the women of Liberia were out door finding foods for our families, moving from one country to the other calling on nations to help, and demanded the leaders of the warring factions to end the war.’’ the NPA Comptroller reminded dozens of celebrants at the well attended Gold Image award Ceremony which took place at the Crusader for Peace Capitol Bye Pass offices in Monrovia.

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