Liberian Leader Outlines Measures to Restore Economy

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has announced austerity measures to restore the Liberian economy to its full potential.

She noted that this effort, which is already underway with her direct leadership, may require changes of officials, prosecution of offenders, challenges to partners as well as reforms in policies and actions.

President Sirleaf made the statement in a nationwide address on the state of the economy Wednesday.

She said restoring the economy will also require the various branches of government to continuously work together for the common good of those they serve.

According to the Liberian leader, there was a need for “new thinking and strategic repositioning to restore the economy.”

“It may require new and more robust partnership with civil society and the media, and it will require understanding from our citizens to whom we owe so much,” she pointed out.

President Sirleaf said the economy “is not a machine that one can move by just pushing buttons or plugs,” adding that it contains the conglomeration of people who must play their roles in order to make a difference no matter “what each does or does not do.”

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