LIBERIA: Grand Race For Montserrado Seat – People Wishing To ‘Punish CDC’ To Petition President’s Son To Contest; By Samuka V. Konneh

If anyone had thought that Robert Sirleaf was now completely finished with Liberian politics, they have got to be kidding – at least – because confirmed information says any moment from now, some Liberians will be petitioning the son of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to contest the upcoming midterm senatorial elections for Montserrado County, barely four months before the polls in October.
Friends and some people who worked before with and for Mr. Sirleaf have described the intention as a positive move. “But that Rob’s one ear will hear that one (sync),” one of his 2011 elections-time cronies had said over the weekend in simple Liberian English.

In a statement released over the weekend by a group calling itself the Montserrado Redemption Squad, Montserrado County has perpetually been under-represented especially during the last eight years of Liberia’s postwar democratic dispensation; and that the time was now to deliver the county to Mr. Sirleaf, a man the group says is “ready to formulate, promote, legislate and oversee a constituent centered legislative agenda.”

Jowel Ama Hansford is the group’s Squad Leader. He says CDC has failed Montserrado in the Senate with its inability to develop, promote, legislate, and oversee a comprehensive legislative agenda tide around the needs of the people of Montserrado County.
“CDC deserves a punishment for this dereliction of duty and misuse of the people’s Love they showed by voting the party's senatorial candidates in three separate elections,” Mr. Hanford lamented.
“Having unwillingly suffered for nine years the effectuation of a scattered legislative agenda for Montserrado County in the House of Senate – birthed, nursed, and sustained by CDC’s elected legislators; regretting the exploitation and misinterpretation of our love and loyalty we showed the Congress for Democratic Change in three successive senatorial elections…….

“We the members of the Montserrado Redemption Squad (R- SQUAD), persuaded by our overreaching aspiration for the enhancement of the masses livelihood, have conceived a strong and uncompromising intention to petition Hon. Robert A. Sirelaf, a man with concrete grassroots credential and selfless lifestyle to recapitalize the over eight years of leadership deficit created by CDC in the Liberian senate,” the group said in a two-paged press statement.

But political commentators believe if the reason for Mr. Sirleaf’s petitioning is a direct result of wanting to punish the CDC, then there is more to question the motive of those involved with the intention. “If they want to punish CDC, must they use Robert Sirleaf to do this? What about another person? Why is Robert Sirleaf particularly important to use in punishing the CDC?” Famatta Kiazulu of the University of Liberia inquired when she heard the news.

While names of people involved in the Montserrado Redemption Squad are not yet known, the group no doubt comprises of strong members or former members of the CDC. This comes at a particularly important time the CDC and its popular political leader George M. Weah say Montserrado is a base and winning the senatorial seat is just a matter of plain mathematics.

On the flip of the debate, one contestant has welcomed the citizens’ intention to petition Rob. “This is the sweetest news I have ever heard since the start of the year. This gives me more chances. While Rob, Weah, Sanvy and the rest of the guys are fighting like elephants for scattered votes around Monrovia, I am right here in my constituency winning votes I know are already and always for me,” an aspirant for the Montserrado seat told me in anonymity for fear of letting one his political strategies out too soon.

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