LIBERIA: Businessman, Amos Brosius Expresses Frustration Over Judge Morgan’s Decision To Transfer US$76,600.00 From DPI Account

The decision by the Chief Judge of the Commercial Court of Liberia at the Temple of Justice, Eva Mappy Morgan, ordering one of the banking institutions of the Ducor Petroleum Incorporated (DPI) to transfer the amount of US$76,600.00 from account number: 002USD21215153401 housed at the Liberia Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI) why the controversial of ownership of the Company by the MOTC is still in question has baffled the DPI General Manager, Mr. Amosn P. K. Brosius.

Some documents in the possession of the GNN-Liberia management states that the Chief Judge of the Commercial Court of Liberia, Judge Eva Mappy Morgan on April 9th in a communication entitled: “Commercial Court Escrow Accopunt #0001053041244” ordered the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Afriland First Bank Liberia Limited, Mr. Hamodou O. Boyo to transfer said amount without making reference of one of the parties involved in the legal battle.

In reaction to the decision by the Commercial Court Judge ordering the transfer of the amount, Mr. Brosius who displayed several documents and photocopied checks to our reporter expressed frustration over this recent decision by the Court, noting, “We are taken aback of such decision by the court when in fact the legal battle between the Monrovia Oil Trading Company (MOTC) and Ducor Petroleum Incorporated (DPI) has not been resolved,” Mr. Brosius speaking to our staff noted.

Some legal documents in the possession of GNN-Liberia has indicted, Cllr. Cyril Jones for allegedly falsifying the MOU signed between Amos P. K. Brosius and the Monrovia Oil Trading Company by indicating in one of the controversial MOU that Charles Carron represented the MOTC signed.

But in the original MOU in our possession did not show the signature of Mr. Charles Carron neither the MOTC, a situation that has created serious doubts about the sincerity of Cllr. Jones and the MOTC management. Detail to follow in our subsequent posting.

Click this link to read the Judge letter to the bank.

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