Liberian Government Probes Into Shooting of Four Liberians In Turkey

The Government of Liberia says it has written the Turkish Government seeking explanation on the shooting of four Liberians in the Turkish city of Istanbul by an unknown gunman.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a release on Tuesday said it has sent a diplomatic note to the Turkish embassy near the Ghanaian capital Accra and requested an investigation into the shooting incident by the unknown gunman at a cafe located in Sisli Mecediyeko around the Trump Tower in Istanbul.

The four Liberians are Bemore N. Toe, Patience Roberts, Deddeh Simmonds and Blessing Vinton.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been informed by its diplomatic representative in Turkey, Ambassador-at-Large Dr. Anacleto Salciccia that two of the victims have been discharged from hospital while one of the victims, Deddeh Simmonds completed a minor surgery early Tuesday morning.

Mr.Bemore Toe is also expected to undergo surgery hopefully on Wednesday morning at a local hospital in Istanbul. The Ambassador-at-Large said the Turkish Police is investigating in an attempt to bring the shooter to justice.

    Horatio Bobby Willie


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