LIBERIA: Grand Gedeans Call For Int’l Role In Mercenary Trial

The Grand Gedeh Association in the Americas has called on the international community to intervene in the mercenary trial involving 18 Grand Gedeh citizens, now taking place at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia.

The 18 Grand Gedeans are on trial for their alleged involvement in the 2011-2012 cross-border attacks into Ivory Coast that left several persons killed, including seven United Nations peacekeepers.

The men have denied the allegation.

Speaking to reporters following Tuesday's proceedings at the Criminal Court "D'' in Monrovia,  the financial and budget analyst of the association, Mr. Levi Kahn, said he was  sent by the Association to monitor the trial.

Mr. Kahn expressed frustration at seeing his kinsmen languishing behind bars since they were accused of the crime without adjudication of the matter.

Mr. Kahn argued that weapons exhibited in court by the State that were allegedly used by the accused in the attack, should be forensically tested to authenticate the right person who used them in the attack.

Meanwhile, the first witness in the case, Pascal Kollie on Tuesday continued with his testimony.

Kollie, who last week identified four persons he said participated in the attack, contradicted himself in his testimony on Tuesday by identifying only one person, Neezee Barway, as the general who led the group to fight in Ivory Coast.

Following cross examination, the court was adjourned to resume on Wednesday, today.

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