BBC NEWS: Switzerland probes Uzbek leader’s daughter Gulnara Karimova

Prosecutors in Switzerland have opened a money laundering investigation into Gulnara Karimova, the eldest daughter of the president of Uzbekistan.

In a statement, the public prosecutor said she was now part of an inquiry already looking at alleged wrongdoing involving four Uzbeks linked to her.

The investigation involves the business activities of a Swedish telecoms firm.

Ms Karimova, 41, had her diplomatic immunity lifted last year when she lost her post as Uzbek envoy to the UN.

A flamboyant businesswoman as well as a pop star in her home country, she is believed to have broad commercial interests in the Central Asian republic, ruled by her father Islam Karimov for more than two decades.

The public prosecutor revealed on Wednesday that she had been under investigation since September 2013 and that her villa in Cologny, just outside Geneva, had been searched by police the previous month, a few weeks after her immunity was lifted.

She is believed to have left Geneva after her role as permanent UN ambassador there came to an end.


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