LIBERIA: AfDB Holds One-day Media Forum

A one-day forum organized by the African Development Bank (AfDB) to address media and communication challenges in Liberia has convened in the capital Monrovia.

The meeting held Friday in the conference room of the Bank’s Country office, brought together representatives of the Government, the media umbrella group Press Union of Liberia and donor
organizations, amongst others.

Participants at the meeting outlined inadequate funding, training and logistics as major challenges facing the Liberian media.

They agreed to meet again in two months, at which time they will carve workable solutions to the many problems confronting the media and communication in Liberia.

Speaking at the forum, AfDB Country Director Margaret Kilo said the forum was intended to make the media more efficient and effective and to bridge the gap between the government's development agenda and the national media content which, she noted, continues to widen.

She said the Bank has noticed that public debate on development in Liberia continues to be twisted in favor of the negative storyline and that the informed, authoritative and measured voices of the media that ought to set the tone and agenda of exchange are most often drowned by loud, passionate and generally uninformed or self-serving opinion leaders in the public media space.

Mrs. Kilo said although the proliferation of the media in Liberia has been projected as an important measure of governance, the pressure to expand the media space has not been matched by the need to ensure quality of content within that space in Liberia.

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