Sponsored Article: Celebrating the Life of Mr. Cyril Netty

It is with great sadness and heartache that the National Port Authority of Liberia acknowledges the passing of Mr. Cyril Netty. Mr. Netty worked closely with the
National Port Authority of Liberia for nearly 9 months as a port consultant,advising the Managing Director on innovative methods to remove administrative
bottlenecks and increase the overall effectiveness of the NPA as an autonomous agency.

Mr. Netty was a remarkable professional and embedded an unsurpassed level of ethics on a daily basis. He demanded excellence from every employee he

encountered at the NPA. This standard extended from the various managers and directors he advised on a daily basis, to the security officers assigned to the Managing Director, and to even the head office gardner.

To Mr. Netty’s children, although nothing can suffice for his untimely absence, your father was a guiding inspiration for many. For employees that interacted with Mr. Netty on a personal level, he led them to aspire to greatness through their absolute personal best. This inspiration has manifested itself in many ways, but the most significant to our entity, has been the upswing of employees that have assumed additional leadership roles and taken it upon themselves to restructure processes in their departments that have impeded efficiency and productivity. We hope that it gives you great comfort to know that in addition to raising you, he also helped to raise and transform the lives of people you will never met.

To Mr. Netty’s beloved wife, from our family to yours, we hope that our respect and adoration can offer but a semblance of condolence at this time. Mr. Netty spoke so lovingly and fondly of his family. We are confident that without your blessing and assurance, Mr. Netty would not have had the opportunity to impact our workforce so deeply. For this, we offer our most sincere sentiments.

Although today it might be difficult to see beyond the sorrow; may looking back in memory help to comfort you tomorrow. A man so special can never be forgotten. Therefore, we know for certain that we will never lose Mr. Netty, even in death. He will continue to participate in every act, thought and decision we make.

Let us all find comfort in knowing that our lives have been enriched by his gift of time.

Today, in lieu of honoring Mr. Netty’s death, the NPA family celebrates the life of a man that gave so much of himself, so that he could help others. Indeed, it will be difficult to fill the gap created by this sudden loss. Our hearts are with yours as you grieve.

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