Liberian Government To Begin Issuing Service Passports

The Government of   Liberia, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will begin the issuance of Service Passports effective February 1, 2014.

According to a Foreign Ministry release, a Service Passport is a class of passport whose issuance is based only on the nature of work and activity of the grantee.  It is granted to civil servants and lower ranking officials below the rank of Assistant Ministers and Directors.  

The grantee must be non-commissioned presidential, judicial, legislative or ministerial appointees who are serving in capacities including research personnel, secretaries/clerks, civil servants of autonomous agencies, military and para-military personnel below the rank of lieutenant, athletes and employees of diplomats such as drivers and wards, among others.

Meanwhile, the release emphasizes that Diplomatic, Official and Service Passports must be issued by and at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Foreign Ministry  release however warns that no Foreign Service Officer or Mission of the Republic of Liberia shall issue Diplomatic, Official and Service Liberian Passports except when specifically authorized by written instructions from the Minister of Foreign Affairs or the President of the Republic of Liberia.

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