LIBERIA: Our Politician of the Year – 2013

Cllr. J. Fonati Kofi, Chairman of the Liberty Party (LP) is our Politician of the year, 2013, being considered as one of Liberia’s dependable legal minds, Cllr. Kofa over the years has won the hearts and minds of many due to his advocacy for the poor in the Liberian society.

His fearless leadership and constructive decisions to national issues; calling on the Liberian Government to take keen interest in the wellbeing of its citizens has also won him lots of admirations amongst his fellow politicians during the year under review.

One of the issues he touched during the year 2013 is his statement delivered in Monrovia where he described one of the nationwide addresses of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on the boarder national vision for Liberia.

He said the President’s speech ignored the rural poor and the unemployed urban youth, which he said many Liberians were eagerly waiting to hear from the President’s speech, noting, “For those at the bottom of the ladder, the rural poor and the unemployed urban youths, there was much to be desired’ poverty levels remained alarmingly high,” the Liberty Party Chairman stressed.

Amongst them were also several issues touched by our Politician of the year, making many Liberians to choose him as their politician during the year under review; his high level of abled leadership has also gone down in history.

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